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Is It Good to Rescue My Child All the Time?


Have you ever not been able to help your child?

I’ve experienced that debilitating feeling at pivotal points throughout my daughter’s life—when she was hospitalized as a toddler for what we believed was leukemia; when she felt betrayed by a friend in high school; and when she was out of the country as a college student and I couldn’t get to her during her homesickness.  


Reminders for When You're Weary of Resting in the Lord and Waiting on God's "Yes"


Have you asked God for something and kept receiving a "No" answer? 

I have. And it hurts. But I've also realized that sometimes God's best gifts to us are the very things He decides to withhold.   

I remember not wanting to accept one of the "gifts" God was giving me, primarily because I saw it as His withholding.  I struggled with not being able to have a second child. I remember "claiming" Psalm 84:11 as my promise that I would have another child: "No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly" (ɴᴀsʙ).  

And yet God did withhold.


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