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Outlining a Novel: Yea or Nay? Mindy Starns Clark Shares Her Mystery-Writing Secret


Novelists usually fall into two categories: “pantsers” and “plotters.”  Pantsers, so known because they write by the seat of their pants, construct stories as they go. Plotters are the opposite, carefully laying out their intentions—whether in casual summary form or structured outline—before launching into the actual writing of the manuscript. 

I used to be a pantser—until about ten years ago, that is, when the unthinkable happened.  


Home Organization Ideas: Anticipating Your Put-Away Style


Here’s a big dose of reality for all who are housekeeping impaired: One of the most self-deceiving and self-defeating things we do around the house is set up systems that don’t take into account our own unique put-away styles. Your put-away style, or PAS, is the manner in which you usually put something away when you’re finished with it.

Think about it. For example, what’s your PAS when it comes to extension cords? When you finish using one, do you neatly wrap the cord up before you put it back in the closet? Or do you cram it back in there in a big messy wad, thinking you’ll straighten it out later? If you’re housekeeping impaired, chances are it’s the latter. Yet there’s also a good chance that the place you’ve created for storing extension cords is some sort of hook or small container that will only work if the cord has been neatly wrapped up first. 

My friend, it’s time for a little self-awareness check.


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