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What Will Heaven Be Like? Or Should We Ask a Better Question?


In describing heaven, I once heard a well-meaning speaker declare, “If it’s important to you, it will be in heaven.”

I almost fell out of my seat.

There are plenty of “important” things in this life I am quite sure will not be in heaven, even stuff I really like and enjoy. But have you ever stopped to consider just where people get their ideas about heaven? And whether or not those ideas can be believed?


Are You Truly Excited About the Return of Jesus?


Over the past 3 decades of my ministry, I’ve performed some 80 weddings, and done so in a number of different locations and scenarios. I’ve found myself officiating ceremonies in cathedrals, churches, chapels, at country clubs, on the beach, overlooking golf courses, and even in the middle of the woods.


Why Understanding Revelation Is Vital


“You know, you really shouldn't read Revelation. Seriously. It’s only going to frustrate and confuse you.” 

Sound familiar? Ever had thoughts like that?

If you’re like many Christians, Revelation can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.


How Biblical Prophecy Brings Encouragement to Believers


The story of Noah is one of the most epic tales in human history. An account involving faith and depravity, deliverance and destruction. Scripture paints a portrait of an ancient world, dark and destined for wrath.


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