Behind the Scenes: Love the Home You Have Book Design

Posted on 04/02/15 by Nicole Johnson

We have been so excited to partner with popular blogger of The Inspired Room, Melissa Michaels. Her passion for helping women find contentment in their homes has captured us since Day 1. Who doesn’t love walking into the place you call home and feeling burdens and worries lift away? 

We believe Melissa has an important message to share—one that she has been sharing with her blog readers for years, and one that can influence many more lives through the printed page. 

It has been a challenging but satisfying process to translate an online brand (where photographs and visuals are key) into a series of books. In her first book, Love the Home You Have—a nonfiction narrative of her philosophy and story—we had to get creative, bringing in a strong sense of design and visual beauty to convey all the same passion that fuels her blog. 

This couldn’t just be a book, it had to be an experience.

The cover needed to be a simple concept that would summarize the feeling of a home without physically portraying a house. The idea being that any woman could pick up this book and feel the connection to her own home.

Developing a style:  


To capture the visual nature of the content between the covers, we took some of the inspiring quotes strewn throughout the book and turned them into visual quotes to further reinforce their meaning and significance.

Creating quotes:  


Melissa also shares about her own home-adventure, which provided another opportunity for us to incorporate visuals and enhance the unique nature of the book. You won’t just read descriptions of Melissa’s homes—you’ll get to see charming portrayals of each one and how they fit into her life’s journey.

Home journey:  


To see the final product come together, with the content and design balanced in perfect harmony, has been awe-inspiring and rewarding. We’re thrilled to share it with you now! 

This beautiful book, with its heartfelt message of contentment and inspiration, will encourage the family who has lived in the same apartment for years, new-house buyers, and everyone who longs to find the home of their dreams.  


This labor of love from Melissa Michaels and Harvest House released March 31st! Learn more on the book’s page.

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