Men, Discover What It Means to Be a Spiritual Leader

Posted on 01/05/16 by Boyd Bailey


As for me and my household, we will serve the Lᴏʀᴅ (Joshua 24:15).

What does it mean to be the spiritual leader of my home? Do I have to reach a certain level of spiritual maturity before I qualify? What if my wife is more spiritual than I am? Shouldn’t she be the spiritual leader?

Spiritual leadership is determined by position, not knowledge. God places a man in the role of spiritual leader to lead his wife and children in faith. Our wives and children may know more of the Bible, but the Lord still holds us responsible for their spiritual well-being. 

So as husbands and fathers, we have to ask ourselves, What am I doing to lead my family spiritually? This assignment from Almighty God forces us into faith-based behavior. We want to model daily time in Bible reading and prayer. Spiritual leaders show the way in knowing God.

Spiritual leadership does not require a graduate degree in theology, but it does require some degree of planning and preparation. A spiritual leader creates a prayerful plan of intentional action that exposes his family to faith-building opportunities. Spend time looking for houses of worship that meet the needs of your wife and children, much as you would seek out a home or school that meets their needs. Spiritual leadership seeks out a church.

Men who make it a big deal to lead their family spiritually make the most difference at home and in the community. Your investment in family Bible study, your example of faith under fire, and your Christlike character are living testaments to the truth of God. Talk about the Lord when you linger in traffic with your children, pray with them when they are fearful and upset, hold your wife’s hand and listen to her heart, sign up for the next marriage retreat, and serve others unselfishly. 

You can’t control the culture, but you and your house can serve the Lord. Spiritual leaders lead their family to love God.


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