Pie, Bliss, and a Stolen Kiss—An Excerpt from A Blessing for Miriam

Posted on 06/02/15 by Harvest House Publishers


Miriam Yoder currently lives with her aunt and uncle in a small Amish community in Oklahoma, eagerly anticipating the day when she can marry the handsome and thoughtful Wayne Yutzy. While the future remains uncertain for both Miriam and her sister back in Possum Valley, this moment in time is very sweet indeed...

Enjoy this scene from chapter 4 of A Blessing for Miriam, the second and latest book in author Jerry Eicher's Land of Promise series!

* * *

Aunt Fannie waved the hot pies over the table so the delightful smell wafted through the air before she set them down. “There! Everyone fall to. I’m sure they’re delicious, if I do say so myself.”

“Did Miriam bake them?” Wayne eyed the offered delicacies.

Aunt Fannie smiled. “Well, she certainly could have. But I made these. Miriam’s too busy with school—and taking off for parts unknown with her man.”

Miriam turned red again, but Wayne laughed.

The two men both took large pieces and drove their forks into the flaky crust and abundant filling. Miriam cut a smaller portion out of a piece and gave the other half to Aunt Fannie. They leaned toward each other to whisper like coconspirators, “Gotta watch the weight.”

The men seemed not to notice their giggles as Wayne asked William about the weather forecast for the next week.

Uncle William pronounced with great certainty, “I expect business at the greenhouse to take off if the rains don’t hinder things. People are beginning to move about.”

Miriam hadn’t noticed the weather because she was preoccupied with school and Wayne. Uncle William usually knew how to call things right when it came to his business though.

Uncle William turned to Miriam. “Maybe you can help out a few hours after school? That is, if I can keep you away from young Wayne here and get some work out of you. We can’t have idle chitchat going on, you know.”

Miriam didn’t hesitate. “For you the answer is always yes—even if I’m busy with school activities.”

“Are you sure?” Aunt Fannie sounded concerned. “You mustn’t overdo yourself, Miriam.”

“I’ll be more than glad to help,” Miriam assured them both. Uncle William grinned.

Miriam stood and began to clear the table, but Aunt Fannie waved her off. “Go out and spend a few minutes with Wayne before he has to leave. I know he’s wanting to get home and rest, what with the slave labor that’s needed next week.”

Wayne chuckled as he stood up. “I don’t know about the slave labor, but I should be going.”

Wayne and Miriam stopped to put on coats before they stepped out the front door into the cool of the night.

Wayne took Miriam’s hands in his. “It’s been a nice evening and a wonderful afternoon. Thanks.”

“I’m the one who should say thanks.” Miriam stepped closer to look up into his face.

They stayed that way for a long moment before Wayne’s hands found her shoulders and pulled her close.

Miriam’s thoughts raced. She would get her kiss tonight after all! Her thoughts ceased as Wayne’s face came closer and she lost herself in the moment.

* * *


Read more of Miriam's story and all the drama that awaits her in A Blessing for Miriam.

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