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Quick Tips on Praying for Your Husband's Spiritual Growth


While you are growing in the Lord, you can—and should—pray for your husband’s spiritual growth. Here are two scenarios to consider in your marriage and as you pray.


10 Disciplines for Home Management


As you work on building your home, remember it's not the kind of place or the size of the place you call home, but the tone and the atmosphere of that place that you are seeking to create. 

Be Dedicated to Your Home

Be committed, dedicated, and devoted to the smooth running of your home. As writer and speaker Elisabeth Elliot observes, "A sloppy life speaks of a sloppy faith." We are careful in our faith and our spiritual growth. So why shouldn't we be careful about how we manage our home?

Be a Woman of Prayer

Prayer changes your housework. How? Because it changes the heart of the homemaker. As you are faithful to pray about this realm of your work, the principle of Matthew 6:21 once again goes into effect—"Where your treasure is [in this case, the treasure of your time and spiritual effort spent praying for your home and homemaking], there your heart will be also." 


5 Biblical Tips on How to Pray


Once you acknowledge that you want to pray and know that you need to pray, then...how should you pray? Here's a handful of guidelines right out of the Bible to help you get started on the how-to's of praying.

Pray regularly. Jesus didn't say, "If you pray." He said, "When you pray" (Matthew 6:5-7). Our Lord assumed that prayer would be the habit of our lives...as it was for Him. He assumed that we would yearn to communicate with our Father...as He did. He assumed that drawing upon God for spiritual strength would be as needful and as natural for us as breathing and taking in air is for sustaining physical life.


Choosing the Peace of God When Pressure Mounts


Pressure. We never seem to have enough time—pressure! We want to do well as a spouse and a parent—pressure! We are called to be good stewards of finances and effective managers of a home—pressure! Jobs, friendships, responsibilities to aging parents, health problems, and even service at church—all of these bring on pressure and too easily squeeze out the peace of God.

We can thank the Lord that as we live in the whirlwind of life and the flurry of daily demands, His peace is available to us. We don’t have to live in a frazzled fashion—breathless, anxious, worried, fretful, and rushed. But how?


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