Keeping a Clean House Is Simple with This Secret Method

Posted on 03/26/15 by Melissa Michaels


Do you ever look around your house and see so much disarray and feel so behind on chores that you feel like you might just want to throw it all in a dumpster and start over? 

I know the feeling. As a busy woman, trying to keep up a home can feel overwhelming, to say the least. When our house is a mess, we feel even more out of control. It can be a discouraging cycle. I know, because I've been there! 

So is there hope? I'll let you in on a little secret I learned years ago. There are a few simple daily habits you can learn to incorporate that will not only transform your home, but how you see your life. 

When I finally admitted to myself the effect my disorganized and untidy house was having on my attitude, my productivity, and my joy in life, I was ready to make a change. There had to be a better way to keep up a home. My first decision was to let go of my own perfectionist standards and adopt the goal that I would be content with a "clean enough" house. 

There was so much to do, I wasn't sure what I should tackle first! I used to feel like certain housekeeping tasks were unnecessary or could at least be put off until I felt like dealing with them. But I eventually found that some tasks do in fact matter more than I realized! I learned the power of incorporating certain expectations into the day, such as:

  • Making the bed
  • Clearing the table after dinner and loading the dishwasher
  • Wiping out the sink after use
  • Putting something back in its designated spot right away when it takes only a few moments to do so

My new daily routines became like dominoes, each leading to a new habit. I was soon able to accomplish more with less effort.  The sense of victory I felt in keeping my home clean enough on a daily basis gave me the inspiration I needed to continue maintaining and even improving the tidiness of my home. And best of all, by incorporating simple daily habits and the goal of a "clean enough house" I started to feel more inspired, creative, and energized at home in other ways too.

Learning to adopt a clean-as-you-go mentality throughout the day will transform your home. Chores will no longer pile up and clutter won't become an overwhelming mess. 

By committing to a daily plan of action, you will feel empowered. Even if you start to lose control again (life happens, let's be honest), you'll be able to get back on track and end the cycle. 

What is holding you back from a clean house? What changes could you make to your daily routine that would help you to transform your home?


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Melissa Michaels is the creator of the popular blog The Inspired Room and the Better Homes and Gardens Readers’ Choice Decorating Blog winner in 2014. With creative, simple ideas and a friendly style, she inspires nearly half a million women each month to love their homes and lives.

*Photo credit: Melissa Michaels

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